Welcome to the next century of green bonds.

The Hope Blockchain Company presents Jupiter Diamond.

Green bonds. On the blockchain. With their special reporting requirements.

Bonds are moving to the blockchain. First movers are already looking for the best solutions to help them profit from this disruption. And green bonds have unique auditing needs, which ensure their use of proceeds are really green. So our Jupiter Diamond platform puts bonds on the blockchain, and handles the reporting too.

Jupiter Diamond supports the full asset lifecycle of issuance, investor purchase, coupon issuance, use of proceeds tracking, and document validation by service providers. Immutable records are safety kept on the Ethereum blockchain. Funds are transfered in ether, Ethereum's native currency, using updated prices converted into any national currency.

Issuers can create Ethereum smart contract blockchain bonds, or references to pre-existing classic off-chain bonds. Investor funds and coupon dispersals are handled through the smart contract itself. Issuers may upload invoices to comply with requirements regarding use of proceeds.

Ethereum-based bonds can be purchased on the Jupiter Diamond platform, from the investor's wallet. Ownership is permanently recorded on the blockchain, and can never be lost or corrupted. Investors have the opportunity to review all the bond's documents, and receive their coupons into the same wallet.

Issuer expenditures are automatically discovered in real-time on the blockchain, and trusted third-party service providers can confirm the validity of the invoices that cover the use of proceeds, verifying compliance to green bond principles.

The future of sustainability financing. Jupiter Diamond.


Charles Hope

I love building things that people find useful.

In 2005, I founded Blip , an Internet media company specializing in episodic videos. After reaching 10m annual revenue and 70 employees, we were acquired by Maker studios, shortly acquired by Disney.

When I discovered cryptocurrency, I saw that my visions of an unmanned bot-to-bot economy were finally materializing, so in 2013 I wrote the first Bitcoin oracle, called Early Temple.

In my rare moments away from keyboard, I'm probably listening to Ulrich Schnauss and relearning my forgotten college calculus, or at the gym making gains on my sumo squats.

Justin Alcon

I live in Durham NC, near where I grew up. I'm also lucky enough to have lived in New Orleans and New York, and love to travel. For about two months last year I stayed in Bucharest. I lead teams of developers to make large scale projects. I've worked with companies both large and small, mostly in media and ecommerce. I really love the internet, media, art, and food.

I also like CrossFit, making abstract art, cooking, writing, making music, New Orleans Jazz, and collecting LPs.

I enjoy process, and the human element of its product.

Some folks know that there is a picture of my family in the June 2006 National Geographic because I am descended from circus freaks.